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Putting patients "at ease" is the key to successful dental treatment.

All our professionals at Joliet Smile World Dental Center, Inc. maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry.

J. Harlan Rosen, DDS

Joliet, IL Cosmetic Dentist

Joliet Smile World Dental Center, Inc.

Joliet, IL Dentist J. Harlan Rosen, DDSEven the most anxious patients, who have had negative experiences at other dental offices, will respond to the comforting and supportive atmosphere that Dr. J. Rosen has fostered at Joliet Smile World.

Dr. Rosen is experienced in all areas of modern Dentistry, especially Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Restoration and Orthodontics I Braces. Dr. Rosen's philosophy is to first insure the patient's optimum dental health, and then to create the dazzling smile that the patient always wanted.

J. Harlan Rosen, D.D.S. , graduated from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. In 1986, Dr. Rosen founded Joliet Smile World Dental Center, Inc. in a small converted house on Larkin A venue, in front of Sam's Club. In 2004, the practice outgrew the small house and moved into a larger, "state of the art" facility at its current location, 3555 West Jefferson Street, across from the Joliet Airport.

Make the choice now to join Dr. Rosen's Family of patients at Joliet Smile World Dental Center, Inc.


GinaI am the first face patients see when they walk through our door. Striving to make the patients feel welcome and cared for, I am their biggest advocate.  Nothing makes me feel better than knowing a patient has felt special while in our office.

I speak both English and Spanish fluently. This helps me to make our Hispanic patients feel at home in our practice. I also use my bi-lingual abilities to make sure that the patients understand the treatment they are about to receive.

In addition, I keep the office running smoothly and communicate with the patients about their treatment and appointments. 




I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Joliet Smile World Team for over 2 years. Before joining the Smile World staff, I and my family, were patients of Dr. Rosen. I began working in the practice as a dental assistant and I assisted Dr. Rosen, full time, for over a year. Last year, I began taking college courses to pursue a career in advertising, so I moved to part-time 

receptionist. It is very rewarding to see new patients come to our door for an emergency service and be treated compassionately and restored to dental health. Most of these patients stay in our practice and several months later, after working with our top-notch and caring Dentists, acquire the SMILE they always wanted. 




“I am Pat! How can I help You.” These are the words I live by as I perform my 3 major tasks for Joliet Smile World Dental Center, Inc.

Eight years ago, I began my career at Smile World as a dental assistant. That is still my main job. I assist the dentist at the chair setting up for each procedure and making sure that all the necessary materials and instruments are at the chair and ready for the dentist’s use. I also address the questions and concerns of the patients, explaining the procedures and bringing their needs to the dentist’s attention.

Recently, I have learned to fill in as the office receptionist, greeting patients and arranging their appointments.

And  finally, my third, but not least important, job is to monitor and order the dental supplies. I am the one who makes sure that all the materials and instruments needed to provide modern quality dental care are always in good supply.




Kelly has been an integral part of Joliet Smile World for over 20 years. Starting as a dental assistant-trainee, Kelly advanced and advanced until she reached her current positions as “ Patient Financial Coordinator ” and Office Manager. Along the way, she learned everything there is to know about the operation of the dental practice.

Dr. Rosen states, “ I never gave Kelly a task to do that she didn’t learn and  accomplish with ease!”

 Kelly not only works with the Dentists to coordinate the patient’s treatment with their dental insurance, but she then works with the patient to establish reasonable payment plans and assure that the dental insurance is properly submitted.




I found my “Home” when I started working at Joliet Smile World more than 18 years ago. Starting as a dental assistant, I soon decided that I wanted a career in the dental field. And so, after working in the practice for several years, I entered Hygiene School at Parkland College in 1996. Graduating in 2000, I returned to Joliet Smile World as the First and Only Hygienist in the practice.

As a Hygienist, I have had years of clinical training and I am proud of what I can accomplish for our patients. It was very important to me that the office’s standards and philosophy of patient care coincided with my own. I wanted to work in a practice that supports a patient’s comfort and health above all else. Joliet Smile World is that place. Here, I can help our patients understand the importance of their oral health, and deliver the very best in patient care, in a relaxed atmosphere.


Mary Jo

Mary Jo

I am the newest member of the Joliet Smile World Team. Starting in 2013, I have been training as a dental assistant. I love working at the chair assisting the Dentists as they improve our patient’s smiles. Being fluent in English and Spanish, I am called upon to explain the treatments and their influence on the patient’s oral health. At Joliet Smile World, we always explain the procedures to the patient before we start, and I am proud to be an integral part of that process.  Not only do I assist the dentists and patients, but I can proudly say that I am obtaining a beautiful smile as an Orthodontic patient in the practice.

Although I work full-time, I am also taking courses after work to prepare me for pursuing a career in Dental Hygiene.